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I always have my eyes open for interesting and high quality photography magazines.  They are hard to come by.  However, a few months back I got an iPad and ran across a magazine edited by Michael Freeman that is formatted specifically for the iPad.  Actually, perhaps I should say for tablets, because I really am not sure if it is available for Android based tablets or not.

At any rate, what makes it very interesting is that it is one of the new breed of multimedia publications made specifically for electronic devices.  The magazine has interviews, portfolios, informational articles etc.  But each article typically has some type of multimedia component, be it an interview, teaching points, audio etc.  That itself would not merit mention as it needs to be quality, not just fluff.  This one is definitely quality.  I am not sure that the multimedia options in the ‘magazine’ are being utilized to their full potential and it will be very interesting to see how this whole genre of multimedia publications evolves over time.  And I am sure they will evolve.

This one is definitely worth checking out.  It can be purchased via subscription or single issue.  After reading the first one I went ahead and subscribed.  Check it out in the Apple App store and Newsstand.


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  1. Simons Says:

    It’s amazing what you can get access today, particularly for the new kind of magazine provide for ipad. You can read articles, see some videos, get audio, download stuffs..I mean not all the magazines are set up for this kind of purpose, but it’s just possible. I find it’s a new approach to get informations.
    I don’t know the works of Michael Freeman, but i guess as many others i know at least one of his book…so i guess this magazine should be relevant with a degree of quality. i will give it a try – there are 2 issues and when you see who are the contributors, you will recognize some of them…you can check here for more details: http://www.photographersi.com/

    thanks you for your post

  2. Howard Says:

    You are very welcome Simons

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