Rolling Mountains

Sometimes the whole of an image just doesn’t work, but within it is a portion that does.  Such was the case with this photo from my recent trip to Great Smoky Mountains National Park.  The entire vista contained in the original image didn’t seem interesting enough to hold my attention.  But within it I saw a portion that I liked because of the shapes the lines of the rolling hills made. So I limited the image to what I liked about it.  Sometimes, you just have to know when to crop!

Rolling Mountains Rolling Mountains

Copyright Howard Grill

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6 Responses to “Rolling Mountains”

  1. the humourist Says:

    I agree; I sometimes wish more photographers would crop. I like what you’ve done with this pic…the colours of dusk.

  2. Howard Says:

    Thanks…appreciate it!

  3. Karen Bednar Says:

    lovely & the Smokies are awesome! Thanks for sharing~

  4. Howard Says:

    Thanks Karen!

  5. Bernie Kasper Says:

    Beautiful Howard !!

  6. Howard Says:

    Thanks Bernie!

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