Mural Segments

I find colorful murals interesting.  You know, the kind that are painted on the sides of city buildings.  But I find just taking a photo of the mural a bit dull.  Or rather, the photo is only as interesting as the mural itself is, and such a photo becomes, in my opinion, simply a way to display another artist’s work.

After finding murals that I like, I tend to start to get close and see them in little pieces.  I find the abstract look of these small pieces interesting and, though it is still clearly the work of another artist, these photos seem to me to become another way of looking at the mural which is different from being there and taking it all in as a whole.

mural Mural Segments

Mural (Segment)

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2 Responses to “Mural Segments”

  1. ken bello Says:

    One of the interesting things about photography in general is that things are taken out of context and a whole new meaning is achieved, dictated by the photographer. This is a great example.

  2. Howard Says:

    Thanks very much Ken….

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