Black & White Waterfall

I was recently making photos in one of my favorite areas, a state park that is not too far from my home.  It was after a long day’s rain and the water flow in the park was vigorous.  I had to scramble up a hillside to get to a collection of rocks that I could see had water flowing over them.  I liked the images I made on the hill, but the rocks were dark brown and muddy.  So the color images just seemed to lack something and I decided to try converting them to black and white.

In this particular instance, I had taken a series of HDR exposures.  However, preferring a very natural look to HDR, I processed the image in my new favorite method of dealing with HDR……I imported the 32 bit TIFF back into Lightroom and processed the photo with Lightroom controls as well as a few subsequent curves in Photoshop.

In this instance, I much prefer the black and white image over the color version.

waterfall Black & White Waterfall

Copyright Howard Grill

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8 Responses to “Black & White Waterfall”

  1. ken bello Says:

    This looks like a beautiful park. I may have to take a drive down there in the fall. Did you get wet taking this?

  2. Howard Says:

    Thanks Ken. The only thing that got wet were my boots! I didn’t know you lived anywhere around here. It is a park worth photographing, as state parks go. Let me know if you come down and perhaps we can shoot together.

  3. Mark Says:

    I am envious – I wish I had some good falls closeby. I guess we all have the little gems in our own areas eh? I like how the streams seem to criss-cross in this shot.

  4. Howard Says:

    Isn’t that the truth Mark, about every area having its little gems! I’ll trade you a falls for a lakeshore! Let me know if you ever find your way out here and I would be glad to take you here!

  5. Lee Says:

    Which waterfall is this? How did you get there? I’ve seen Kildoo, breakneck, hell’s hollow, and alpha falls. This looks like one I haven’t seen though.

  6. Howard Says:

    Lee, If you face the mill, and turn left on the trail that goes right in front of it (I think it is Alpha Trail but can’t remember for sure)and walk I am guessing a third of a mile or so you come to a short wooden bridge that goes over where runoff from the hillside goes into the creek/river. If you scramble up that hillside, particularly in the wet season there are some small unnamed ‘falls’ that come over the rocks on the hillside and this is one of them. This is another from that same location after a hard rain: http://www.howardgrill.com/imagestorypages/pittsburghparks/veilsstory.html.

    I have looked for Breakneck Falls and must have walked right past it as I never really found it. I know it is down on the left side of the river by the bridge and turn right about a quarter mile down where the creek empties….never found it though!

  7. Lee Says:

    Thanks; I’ll look into it.
    You should check out Fall Run Falls in Glenshaw if you haven’t already. It was during a dry spell in mid summer when I went but it still looked nice: https://scontent-b-lga.xx.fbcdn.net/hphotos-prn1/543408_10153260616080045_387786602_n.jpg

  8. Howard Says:

    Thanks for the tip. I will definitely have to look into it! Nice photo of it!

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