Murals And Waterfalls

My last two posts presented images that were very disparate.  First, there was a segment of a mural with my mentioning that I was drawn to photographing abstract portions of wall murals and the other was a black and white waterfall.

I happen to have another abstract portion of that same mural taken at the same time as well as an additional black and white waterfall image taken on the same day as the first, just located about 20 yards higher up the hillside.

I thought this post, which presents both these images, would be a good wrap up summary of the last two.

mural2 Murals And Waterfalls

waterfall Murals And Waterfalls

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2 Responses to “Murals And Waterfalls”

  1. Bernie Kasper Says:

    Love the contrast between the images Howard both are excellent and they show what a gifted photographer you are !!

  2. Howard Says:

    Bernie, thanks for the very kind words!

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