Two More From Before

I thought I would show two more photos related to The Muse.  One is a black and white conversion of the original photo from that post and the other a different composition from the same type of flower.

Pink Pastel Dream Two More From Before

Pink Pastel Dream

Copyright Howard Grill

cyclamen Two More From Before

Copyright Howard Grill

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6 Responses to “Two More From Before”

  1. Jodi Frye Says:

    Again I look to seek comfort somewhere between the silky folds of the pinkish dream, somewhere to lose myself in peaceful slumber…the white and black wakes me up again…..though I feel I am still asleep…just a more vivid dream that seems too real…love them both ! Thank You.

  2. Howard Says:

    Jodi, you do have a way with words like nobody else…..a way of translating images to emotion. Thanks for describing the effect!

  3. Jodi Frye Says:

    the words come easily when it see what you see … just spills out without warning ! ;)

  4. Howard Says:

    Still, they seem to spill in a way that is all yours!

  5. Bernie Kasper Says:

    Wonderful images Howard I especially love the lines and pastel color in the top one, great work !!

  6. Howard Says:

    Thanks very much Bernie. It is appreciated!

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