As I work on and process individual images from my growing collection of black and white botanicals, I tend to process and tone each individual image as a ‘stand alone’ photograph.  My ultimate aim however, once I have a nice collection, is to put my favorites together as a unified project.  As a scan over the finished images, I can immediately see some difficulty.  The toning, while optimized to my eye for any individual image, is a bit different for all.  Some tend towards the paler and less saturated sepia tone and others are more saturated.

Ultimately they need to all hang together as a unified project with some consistency to ‘the look’.  This is yet another issue to take into account when dealing with a project, as opposed to a single wall hanging.

daisy Consistency

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4 Responses to “Consistency”

  1. Jodi Frye Says:

    All your images have a quality that holds them together has one, regardless of the tone variation. They all generate a feeling or mood that puts the viewer in a realm beyond regular emotions…certainly way more intense than a simple ” Nice capture “…they do have unity. For me they do.

  2. Howard Says:

    Thanks very much Jodi! I am actually working on a few ideas to group them as I suspect I will be shooting at the botanical gardens in the winter for some years. For example, I find that I am getting a collection of unusual leaves that might stand alone, cacti, open flowers, buds. I suspect this black and white plant thing might go on for some time, so I am glad you like them. I think I am almost to the point of putting together the first grouping. Not quite yet, but close. I wish I could work faster. Then we will see if the gardens wants to display them……

  3. Jodi Frye Says:

    I realized I was so busy commenting on your ideas that I completely forgot to acknowledge this wonderful abduction of grace and vitality in this image posted here..really moving.

    You have a great plan and that is the first and only starting point you need to succeed in your venture..I have faith it will turn out as you please…better ! Your images speak millions of words…

  4. Howard Says:

    What can I say except that the kind words are truly appreciated. Will let you know how it goes.

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