Unfocused II

Some time back I had written a post about an image that I had made that was purposefully unfocused at the time it was taken.  It had a certain feel to it that seemed to convey a ‘dreamlike’ state where the colors and shapes took over from reality.  That post, called Unfocused, can be read here.  Well, one would think that it would be easy to make a series of images like this……just aim, throw off the focus, and shoot.  It is easy enough to do, but I found it terribly hard to produce images that conveyed the feeling I was looking for…..a dreamlike, ‘trancelike’ image. I am pleased that I now have another image in the series that, to me, matches the feel of the original.  The second in the series.

unfocused 2 Unfocused II

Unfocused II

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4 Responses to “Unfocused II”

  1. Jodi Frye Says:

    Oh yes this is the one…the one that makes it all worth all….perfect companion to the other. Really really sigh

  2. Howard Says:

    Now if I could just get a series of these that work…..the ones that work are few and far between. Thanks!

  3. Jodi Frye Says:

    You’ll know when you see it/them. You’ll just know.

  4. Howard Says:

    Yes, you are right about that. Something just resonates when it works

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