Thinking About The Presentation

I think I am slowly nearing the end of collecting my first series of black and white botanicals. Not that there won’t be a second series! There might also be other categories sych as cacti, leaves etc..  Yes, I have a bunch of those as well.

But at some point one needs to try to assemble a cohesive group into a series that stands alone.  As I think about what ‘holds together’ the following comes to mind:

1) Subject – While one could have flower macros as well as flower groupings, I think the idea for one project is flowers. By that I mean that if it is flowers it shouldn’e be interesting leaf macros.  The leaves will be another series.

2) Toning – I believe there needs to be a coherance between the sepia toning among the group.  Interestingly, If I apply the same toning settings in Silver Efex Pro, that doesn’t necessarily give me results among the series of photos that seem to hold together.  I suspect this is related to the fact that there I like a difference in toning strength between highlights and shadows.  I tend to like purer white highlights that don’t look ‘muddy’ and so I apply less toning to the highlights.  But holding a higher key image next to a lower key image makes it appear as if there is discrepancy in the toning.  This is something I suspect I am just going to need to adjust by eye, as opposed to having a one size fits all recipe.

3) Editing – Obviously one wants to only show their best work, but, even with a number of photos that might be appropriate, you still need to cull the number down (or up) depending on the presentaton.  The ‘proper’ number for a show (which itself will be somewhat reliant on the amount of wallspace and image size) will be different from the number that might be optimal for a folio or a pdf or an ebook.  Along the same lines, the image size will also depend on the presentation venue.

I suspect this will still take a couple of months, but I am starting to feel that it is time to start thinking about putting things together into a stand alone project.

miltonia Thinking About The Presentation

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4 Responses to “Thinking About The Presentation”

  1. Jodi Frye Says:

    Can’t wait to see the coming masterpiece collection of stunning priceless Howard Grill images !!!! LOVE your work !

  2. Howard Says:

    Well thanks Jodi! Don’t know about that priceless stuff though LOL! That never happens until after you are gone and even then very rarely. I’ll gladly take the stunning though!

  3. Jodi Frye Says:

    When you cannot put a price on something it becomes priceless…you certainly don’t have to be ‘gone’ as you put it… If you gave me a photograph…it would be priceless…I would never sell it…it would be without a price :) OK ?? Get it ?? I think of your work that way…

  4. Howard Says:

    Got it…..and very much appreciated! Thank you.

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